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Shu Thayu Full Movie Download

Shu thayu – What Happened is a Gujarati comedy movie that has taken root in people’s minds. Which is being downloaded as a victim of Tamilrockers and openload. These days, the Gujarati film industry is setting new benchmarks. Every new Gujarati movie has something unique. The Gujarati film industry is bringing in new talented actors, and great content.

su thayu movie download

Shu thayu – What happened is that Neil (Yash Soni), Chirag (Mitra Gadhvi), Viral (Arjav Trivedi), Manan (Malhar Thackeray) are playing cricket. It is in this game of cricket that Manan has a minor accident. In which he loses half of his memory until he doesn’t even know his fianc દિe Deepali (Kinjal Rajpriya) and doesn’t remember anything about his marriage. Will the contemplative friends be able to bring him out of this situation? You have to go to the theater to know this.

What Happened to the Film is a smash hit comedy director Krishnadev Yagnik has previously given the Gujarati film industry superhit films like Last Day (2015) and Karshandas Pay and Use (2017). Both the films were loved by the audience and critics. So the audience had high hopes from this team. The film director has largely succeeded in fulfilling this hope. However, amidst the talk of it being a remake of a South Indian film, nowhere in the screenplay, dialogue and direction does the film look like a remake.

Shu Thayu gujarati movie download

The smash hit comedy of the film is Shu thayu – What Happened is the film USP. From the first scene of the film in which Malhar is talking about a fairy girl on the phone to the entry of Kinjal Rajpriya, one realizes that the audience wants to get everything they want in the film. Music and Actors’ Performance Kedar-Bhargava’s music is the biggest asset of the film. The brothers in particular are terrified and forget the demeanor. Apart from this, the performance of the actors also keeps the film entertaining.

Su thayu gujarati movie download

Malhar Thackeray has played his role brilliantly in What Happened. His comic timing is amazing. Yash Soni, Mitra Gadhvi and Kinjal Rajpriya have also done well in their characters. However, when it comes to Arjav Trivedi, he has also been cast in a rare role. It has become funny. Seems. Which could have been avoided. The speed of the film slows down in the second half.

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Shu thayu movie which could have been done better. Apart from this, Deepali is mentioned as Deepika in many places in the film. The film also features Deepika on the wedding board. Netri’s character Chaitali could have been expanded a little more. However, overall, the film has turned out to be fun. It should be noted that the hard work of director Krishnadev Yagnik is reflected in the film. Overall, the film is entertaining. If you are a fan of the last day’s team, then this film is a must see. The team of the last day has worked its magic in a different story. ”

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What happened in the movie? Recently I saw a Gujarati movie “Shu Thayu”? This movie is ticklish from beginning to end. The first part is hilarious. No words will compare to the laughter I felt. The beginning of the movie is not like an airplane takeoff, that the audience is watching the conspiracy to grow, instead the first 30 minutes was like a rocket launch, the comedy graph was in a straightforward direction. The first part was full of comedy groups.

Su Thayu gujarati movie download hd 720p

Su thayu – Loved the true spirit of friendship shown in the movie What Happened. The funny moments that friends shared between them were amazing. There were monologues in the movie Amazables, I wish I could watch them again and again. The time for laughter is beginning. The lead actor, Malhar Thackeray is a treat to watch, his comedy talent is of international standards.

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Shu thayu – What happened? The entire cast and crew must have enjoyed the production of the Gujarati film in the same way, if not less, because the audience was enjoying the threats. Kudos to the team! It seems to keep people doing good work. Thank you for entertaining us. I am sure that the Gujarati film industry is reaching new heights, and is showing international level acting. The audience and rating as a common man will be directly 5 out of 5 stars. We do not support piracy of any kind. Every film should be accompanied by friends as well as relatives.


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