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Silly Sadhu and Thugs: The Story of Panchatantra

It is a legend that a very famous monk lived in a village temple. His name was Dev Sharma. In that village, everyone respected that monk and gave many clothes, food items, gifts and money in charity.

By selling the donated materials, the monk had accumulated a lot of money. He tied his money in a bundle and kept it with him.

The monk was very knowledgeable as well as very clever. He did not trust anyone for fear of theft of money. He had no family and relatives as well, so he was also very concerned about the safety of his money. Wherever he went, he used to take his bundle of money with him.

There was also a thug guy in the same village. He was eyeing the money of the monk for a long time. But the monk used to carry a bundle of money due to which the thugs could not rob or steal him. Eventually that thug made a plan.

One day that thug reached the monk as an ordinary person. On reaching there, he grabbed the monk’s feet and began to pretend to be his disciple. At first, the monk refused, but later the sadhu made him his disciple at the behest of that thug.

From that day the thug always stayed with the monk. He would hear the knowledge given by the thug monk with one ear and remove it from the other ear. Every cleanliness work was done in the temple. Also would have served the monk. His eyes were just on the bundle full of monk’s money.

Gradually, the monk got full confidence in him. One day the monk and the thug were going to a nearby village for a ritual. On the way, when a river was lying, the monk expressed his desire to bathe and put his bag of money inside a blanket and placed it on the river bank. At the same time, the monk told his disciple to take care of the bundle.

The thug had been waiting for this day for many days. As soon as the monk took a dip in the river, the thug picked up a pack of dice and from there it became nine or eleven. When the river Sadhu came out after taking bath, he kept beating his forehead.


  • One should not trust the smooth talk of strangers.
  • Always remember that sometimes even the handsome and soft-looking person below is not trustworthy
  • Always avoid false people.


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