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How To Use Jio Meet

Jio meet app developed my reliance Limited in 2020 and in this video calling app, you will also see many new feature such as scheduling meetings, screen sharing, and more.

JioMeet was developed because the coronavirus has now spread all over the country, so businessmen can easily do free live conferencing at home.

How to use jio meet on mobile

JioMeet app is a quite easy to use. You can sign up in on app using your company domain.

For which you have to follow the step given the below.

  1. Open JioMeet app click on Sign up button
  2. If you select Sign up button then you follow some step are
  3. Enter email id/ mobile number
  4. Enter your name
  5. Click on I am agree.
  6. After click on Next button then you get OTP on your email id/ mobile number and click on next button.
  7. You show Join meeting icon on click and enter meeting id.

How to use jioMeet on pc / laptop

You follow some step are below

  1. First you go to on https://jiomeetpro.jio.com site
  2. Enter meeting id

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Which devices support JioMeet

Let us now know which such devices are they in which yo can use JioMeet easily.

  1. android devices that are running Android 5.0 or greater version 2.
  2. iOS devices that are running iOS or more.
  3. windows 10 h devices running on version 10.13 or more.

I hope you understood how to use jiomart on pc / laptop / android / iOS.

How many participate person in JioMeet?

Only 100 People participate in JioMeet. Here , we get 720p quality video but it take high speed data, it is also fully free application cannot take any charge. Jiomeet launch on 7 July 2020. Today WhatsApp also give new update where 50 people participate. You can also try WhatsApp, Google Meet for meeting or teaching. You can also use JioMeet on Laptop.


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