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How To Earn Money On Paytm

Paytm is a safe and easy way to make or accept payments for different types of transactions. But do you also know that there are various sites through which you can earn free Paytm cash? Below are some options, from where you can get virtual cash (free paytm cash kaise kamaye) instantly from your Paytm and use it in many ways.

How to earn form kapow

With Kapow, you can get free cash to play online games and refer friends. You can get 10 rupees for every referral. Of all the Paytm cash apps, this is the most fun.

How to earn money from Pocket Money

Pay bills for every transaction, pay bills, recharge, pay for cab rides and get movie tickets through this app. You Rs 15 for every referral as a bonus for installing the Rs 5 app. In this way Paytm Cash Apps will be very beneficial.

How to earn money from CashBoss

With Cashboss, you earn Rs 15 Paytm Cash on every valid referral. You can also spin the Fortune Vhil to earn cash. Get 10 or Signup Bonus to complete any offer given on this Paytm Cash App.

How to earn money from Genie Rewards

Genie Rewards gives you reward points for every app you download, install and connect. These reward points can be redeemed to recharge or paytm cash transfer.

How to earn money from Ladoo

Refer your friends and earn Rs 10 referral. The referral will be valid only if your friend has used the link and downloaded the app. You can also complete the offer at Afterwall to earn Paytm cash.

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