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Best moral story of English

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This is the time when Sandeep Maheswari reached the city of Nawabs for Lucknow Seminar. Sandeep Maheshwari G, a well known Motivational Speaker of India reaches Seminar Hall with a 500 hundred rupee note in his hands!

A lot of people were sitting in that Seminar, showing a note of 500 hundred rupees and asked- Who wants to take this note?

Then the hands of the people sitting in Seminar started to rise. Maheshwari G said – I am going to give this note to any of you, saying that he broke that note in the hand.

After this he asked- Who wants to take it now? Still almost all the people had their hands up,

Maheshwari G said – what if I do this? Saying this, he threw the 500-rupee note down!
And started rubbing it with his shoes, then he took that note in his hand.

But now that note was completely broken and became more dirty. Then he asked, does anyone still want to take this note? The people sitting in Seminar still had their hands up,

Dear Friends, it doesn’t matter what I did with this note. But still you want to take from it, because even after doing so much its value has not reduced. Even now its value is 500 hundred rupees only.

The same thing happens with Humare, many times we fall in our lives. Tired of fighting with difficulties, they face huge smiles from their wrong decisions!

By battling under all these circumstances, we start thinking of ourselves as worthless and worthless.

But this does not mean what has happened in our lives, and what will happen in the future. You can never lose your importance.

Moral : You are special_ Never forget this.


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